IMG_1Nadia Jimenez PhD, LCSW works with has over a decade experience with Clinical Mental Health and Special Education Laws/Practices, including evaluations and IEP’s. Nadia’s true passion in the field surrounds inner healing with EMDR. Dr. Nadia works with all different types of trauma, whether an accident, military/police traumas, infidelity, Divorce, Loss, Domestic Violence and more. Nadia also enjoys working around trauma based behaviors caused by childhood / young adulthood experiences.

Dr. Nadia’s work history also involves a variety of clinical settings such as private practice, outpatient paper check psychiatric centers, psychosocial rehabilitation centers, and home-based therapy visits. She also has extensive Foster Care and Adoption experience.

Dr. Nadia spends her time volunteering in her community and abroad. She believes in giving back to the community because the community believes in her. Dr. Nadia was awarded for Broward’s top 100 women in 2016.

Dr. Nadia’s educational history includes a Doctorate of Philosophy from Newburgh Seminary, a Masters in Clinical Social Work from Fordham University and Master of Educational Leadership from Walden University. She continues to advance her training throughout her career in bio- psycho- social dynamic and insight-orientated therapy techniques.


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